Infill Panels, 100% Design


Phoenix Balustrading’s marketing and design team were given the task to design and supply eight infill panels for the balustrade system to be exhibited on their 100% Design stand at Olympia, London in 2016.

The brief was to provide the ‘Wow Factor’ and show the creative range of what can be achieved by using various materials, finishes and applications.

Four of the infills were glass and the designs were created using glass manifestation to add corporate branding and to give the infill panels a contemporary look. Glass manifestation is a great way to add interest to glass. It can provide a level of privacy using a cloudy film, while others options are totally transparent. Some window graphics can only be seen from one side only, and others block out 100% light. This system also benefits of being a very cost effective solution.

The other four infill designs were created by using metal sheeting using a laser punch press. Different finishes were then applied to the metal infill panels to create an innovative look. These included a black power coated finish, a satin stainless steel finish, ageing process with a copper/rose gold finish and a gold finish. The intricate metal infills can be encapsulated between perspex or laminated between glass to ensure there are no sharp edges while still providing the stunning visual result.